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Estate Planning Concepts

An estate plan can assess the fair market value of an estate and the potential tax on the capital gains that will be due.An estate freeze or a partial freeze is a way to transfer all or a portion of the value of a company to new owner-heirs. Estate freezes coupled with the intelligent use of life insurance can help reduce the effect of a massive tax-bite on your estate. Such planning can also free up capital for retirement when you know, for example, that life insurance will pay the tax bill.

Business Planning Concepts

Section 303 of the Internal Revenue Code permits a corporation to redeem all or a portion of a decedent's stock such that will not be taxed as a dividend. Redemption under Section 303 can provide cash for estate taxes and other expenses without the income tax consequences associated with the declaration of a dividend.

Charitable Concepts

Life insurance is used to replace the wealth given to charity so that beneficiaries receive the same amount of money in a passed loved ones estate. For more information on charitable programs like Charitable Retained Annuity Trusts (CRAT), Charitable Retained Unitrusts (CRUT), Charitable Lead Trusts or Donor Advised Fund programs contact our charitable planning professional at Fortress Brokerage Solutions.

Personal Insurance

According to the National Organization on Disability, nearly 54 million Americans cope with special needs and the associated rising expenses. To ensure the continuation of governmental benefits and a successful estate plan, a Special Needs Trust can hold assets that can improve the quality of life and protect your loved one’s financial future by providing extra income for care, assistance and education beyond governmental coverage.