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Lenore Guarino, Contracting/New Business Associate

Direct Phone: 678-932-2779

Email: Lenore.guarino@fortressbrokerage.com



Main Phone :678-322-3040Main Fax : 678-322-3049

Michael Baratta, ChFC CLU President

Direct Phone: 678-322-3019

Email: Michael.Baratta@fortressbrokerage.com

Ashleigh Baratta, Direct Life Sales

Direct Phone: 678-322-3045

Email: Ashleigh.White@fortressbrokerage.com

Cathy Edmiston

Direct Phone: 678-322-3048

Email: Cathy.Edmiston@fortressbrokerage.com

Katie Brown, Case Manager

Direct Phone: 470-308-3675 Ext.113

Email: katie.brown@fortressbrokerage.com

Lindsay McCain, Operations Manager/Case Manager

Direct Phone: 678-322-3012

Email: Lindsay.McCain@fortressbrokerage.com

Monica Danciu, New Business Associate

Direct Phone: 678-322-3041

Email: monica.danciu@fortressbrokerage.com

Robert Favata, Business Development Associate

Direct Phone: 678-322-3047

Email: Rob.Favata@fortressbrokerage.com

Bradley White, Director of Technology

Direct Phone: 678-523-0072

Email: bradley@fortressbrokerage.com